21.09 2021


The arrangement of foundations, as well as the strengthening of existing foundations with the help of screw piles, thanks to the development of the technical base, is becoming more and more accessible for private use.

This type of pile foundations is distinguished by a reasonable price and a visible, effective result in the shortest possible time.

A screw pile is a pipe with blades, which is driven into the ground by screwing. The use of piles significantly increases the strength and stability of the foundation of the building structure. Such a foundation is characterized by high resistance to soil washing by groundwater, natural shrinkage. The result surpasses even the expensive and technically difficult complete replacement of the foundation. The highest stability of the load-bearing structure, provided the technology of screw piles is used, makes it possible to erect additional floors even in buildings that were in a state of emergency.

In what cases is it relevant to use screw piles?

The use of screw piles as a method of strengthening the foundation significantly expands the geography of construction work. Metal and concrete structures can be erected on screw piles as a foundation with minimal amounts of earthworks. Strengthening foundations on waterlogged, peat, clay, sandy soils takes a minimum amount of time and effort, and the result often exceeds the wildest expectations.

In general, screw piles are one of the most popular and universal ways of strengthening the foundations and increasing the load-bearing capacity of the entire structure being erected or already built on weak soils. A pile made in accordance with GOST is able to withstand the effects of weather, the forces of frost swelling and the influence of loads for a long time.

What problems does the use of screw piles help to solve?

The key task of screw piles is to strengthen the supporting structure in problem areas with low soil density. The unique design with wide blades at the base of the pile increases the actual area of ​​support on the ground. Unlike reinforced concrete foundations, a screw pile can withstand more than 20 tons of pressure. Piles can be used for the following purposes:

  • Increasing the bearing capacity of a multi-story building. It is impossible to partially or completely replace the old foundation, which is under constant pressure. At the same time, piles can be used to support the base without exposing the structure to unwanted external influences.
  • Strengthening of old buildings with weak foundations for building superstructures.
  • Soil stabilization under structures due to excessive subsidence or skewing.

A modern alternative to screw piles

Despite the high efficiency of the use of screw piles, more advanced and effective methods have now appeared that allow solving the task of quality construction in the opposite way – not to strengthen the foundation, but to stabilize the soil. The unique technique of our GeoResin Deep Lifting company allows you to achieve high stability of the base in even shorter terms. The essence of the technology is the point injection of a special geopolymer resin into the ground, which expands and fills all the voids, removes excess water from the pores and raises the foundation to its former level. At the same time, there are no earthworks. With the help of the latest technology, the GeoResin company guarantees a quick and high-quality strengthening of the bearing capacity of the soil, which allows you to strengthen the already existing, even emergency, structure.