14.12 2021


Individual areas of the concrete floor of warehouse and logistics centers can sag due to various reasons. Thanks to the GeoResin technology, it is possible to restore the necessary floor level and prevent the appearance of cracks in the walls without freeing up areas.

The concrete floor of supermarkets, warehouses and large warehouses receives daily loads, both from the regular impact of forklifts and other equipment, and from the loading of shelves with goods. Exceeding the permissible loads on the concrete floor, as well as other reasons, such as the movement of the base soil or the erosion and weakening of the soil due to the rupture of water pipes, sewers or the action of groundwater, can lead to the settlement of floors in certain areas.

Similar problems cause not only inconveniences in the operation of the object due to changes in the horizontal position of shelves and racks, but can also affect particularly important objects, such as loading platforms of a warehouse or the floor of a store’s refrigerating chamber.

Danger of floor subsidence

Owners of warehouses and commercial premises often delay the repair of a sagging floor due to the fact that its restoration threatens not only direct financial costs, but also a lack of profit. After all, when the floor is restored by traditional methods, long-term ease of use of the premises is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, such carelessness can end in deplorable results. Subsidence of the foundation and floor and changes in the horizontality of racks often lead to the appearance of emergency and dangerous areas on the territory of the facility. And the situational repair of shopping areas with the use of stands or supports that help to return the racks to a horizontal position, often have an untidy and unattractive appearance, which acts as anti-advertising and also indirectly leads to a lack of profit.

Floor leveling technology

In order to eliminate the subsidence of the concrete floor, it is necessary to strengthen the soil and level the position of the slabs of the lower floor. This can be done without earthworks and without the use of heavy equipment. Deep Lifting and Floor Lifting geopolymer injection technologies allow you to stabilize the position of concrete floor slabs by injecting special geopolymer resins, which gain strength in just 15 minutes and increase the soil’s bearing capacity to 10.6 MPa.

In order to perform injections, several standard holes with a diameter of up to 16 mm must be drilled in the concrete, which can be easily closed later. Injection tubes with a diameter of 12-14 mm are inserted into the hole, through which the injection is performed directly. All equipment for carrying out work is located in a mobile vehicle complex, which can be located at a distance of up to 120 m from the place of work. The material is supplied through hoses that can be placed in the aisles between the racks without the need to remove the goods from the racks. And the quick hardening time of geopolymer resins allows work to be carried out at night, when the premises are naturally idle. If the injection is performed during working hours, thanks to the mobility of the equipment used, it is not necessary to decommission the entire warehouse, but it is enough to block only one or two rows with goods during the work.

Advantages of the GeoResin method

GeoResin geopolymer injection technologies allow real-time monitoring of the process of restoring the floor level and raising the foundation and the weak slabs of the lower floor to a height of up to 20 cm. , which rest on the floor slab. Lift control is carried out with an accuracy of ± 1 mm using special laser levels. Works can be carried out without stopping the operating cycle of the room with savings compared to traditional methods up to 25%.